Automatic Door Closures

Door closers are a safety tool that is a must for modern buildings, and they shouldn’t be operating without them. They provide security and safety for aluminum stile doors as well as for wood and hollow metal doors. Automatic door closers are essentially powered door operators, as when the door is released the door will close without any aid. Door operators can also open the door on demand with either an ADA switch or an electronic credential.

The main important of having your door closers up to code and working properly is to prevent the spread of fire, as that is their main concern as the equipment is concerned.

Our locksmiths are prepared to help you with all types of offset floor closers, surface mounted closers, enter-hung or concealed overhead closers in any type of building that your company occupies. When you consider the complexity and variety of door closers on the market today, it makes sense for you to call a professional mobile locksmith at EV Keys to help you decide on the right hardware.