Lock Changing & Re-keying

Need new locks on your home? Or a rekey of your current locks?

When you want to upgrade the security of your home, a lock changing procedure is in the cards for you. If you just want to limit the access of keys to the doors on your home, if you have moved or just bought a new home, a re-key of your current locks should be your objective. We are ready to solve your lock problems in the most cost-effective way while providing the highest level of security possible in your price range.

You need to re-key your locks whenever you have a person that has a key to your home or business that shouldn’t, simple as that. A rekey of your locks will assure you that you know exactly has access to your home, and we recommend this process if you have purchased a new home, or when you move into a new home that you are renting. Ask your landlord to provide the service for you, it should be an owner expense of having new tenants move in.

Changing the locks on a home are required only when a current lock assembly cannot be repaired. Our locksmiths can change the locks and then rekey them to fit the old key in the case that you have chosen compatible lock assemblies, usually changing to the same brand will work with the process: ie changing Kwikset to new Kwikset or Schlage to Schlage.