Car Key Duplication & Replacement

Lost Your Car Keys & Need a Replacement Set?
Want a Second Set of Car Keys Cut?


Most cars that are on the road today require special car key cutting equipment and key codes from the manufacturer. You can get new keys for your vehicle in two ways:
1. You can go to the dealer where you bought the vehicle
2. You can call a pro locksmith company like EV Keys to cut replacement car keys for you on-site.

At EV Keys, we have all the proper key cutting equipment and knowledge to replicate car keys from most brands and makes of vehicles on the road today. Car key cutting is a specialized trade, and our car locksmiths have tons of experience with different assemblies and ignition systems.

At EV Keys we come to you to replace your car keys, so you avoid the process of towing your vehicle if you have lost your car keys. We also can provide car key cutting and duplication services for much less than the dealership. Give us a call for a quote for car key service anywhere in the Phoenix metro area!