Master Key Systems

At EV Keys, we design master key systems for all types of businesses across the Valley of the Sun. We can help your business function easier and remove keys from your key-chain! Simplify your businesses security and establish levels of entry for different employees with a master key system designed by our professional mobile locksmiths.

What are the advantages of master key systems?

Master key systems allow access to designated groups of doors for certain personnel. So you can give your maintenance and security people access to the entire building, a certain wing, or even the whole building. You can design your system in any way that you want. Non-management employees can be given a key for just their office or other configurations that work for your system.

At EV Keys, we can create and maintain your master key system for your business anywhere in Phoenix with the best brands of locks, and make sure that breaking into your facility is extremely hard.

Once your master keys are cut and your system is functional, keeping track of your master keys is very important to the security of your business. You should only authorize key duplication of master key systems for the highest level of management.

Master key systems will help your business streamline its security and keep keys off of your key-chain. Give us a call to have one of our security experts discuss your options and costs for your system.