Panic Bar Installation & Repair

All exterior doors on your business need to be rated correctly as a fire door as they are considered a fire exit. At EV Keys, we are experts at helping local businesses comply with these local life safety codes. These exits must allow patron or employees to exit quickly in the event of an emergency. The doors use motion egress technology in order to accomplish this.

At EV Keys, we employ expert locksmiths who can come to your business to install and repair all types of emergency exit devices, panic bars and fire doors. Over the years we have all types of installations and can design a system that works flawlessly for your business.

To comply with fire codes, exit hardware must be installed on many doors that go to the outside of the building. Fire codes and Life safety codes involve a “No special Knowledge” clause which states that a person should need no special knowledge in order to open the panic door, it is just a simple push that can open the door.

Panic bars do have a downside, and that downside is that anyone can exit your devices with a small push without your knowledge or permission, such as thieves. To combat this problem, security device manufacturers have attached loud alarm systems to the panic doors that sound a loud alarm when depressed.

Another option to combat this problem is a installing a code approved delayed egress, alarmed, panic device. A delayed egress device when installed can keep the door locked for up to fifteen seconds to give you or your team a chance to respond to a security problem.

Call us now if you need work done with your panic hardware anywhere in the Phoenix Valley! Our top security experts can help you choose the right panic bar or delayed egress parts and make sure you are up to Life Safety Codes and ADA mandates.

We provide Panic bar services all across the Valley! From the east of Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Fountain Hills & Paradise Valley all the way to Glendale and Surprise up to Anthem and down to Queen Creek, we can help you when you need panic bar services in Phoenix AZ!