Keyless Entry Locks & Digital Locks

At EV Keys we can install and repair a wide range of digital key-less entry systems for your home or business in Phoenix, AZ. We can install and repair bio-metric door locks (locks that require a fingerprint scan connected to a computing device in order to open) as well as push button locks both electronic and mechanical in nature. Our locksmith technicians can help upgrade your home security locks in a fashion that will work with the existing door styles and colors of the pre existing lock types installed at your residence.

Depending on the outcome that you desire for your keyless locks, a few different types of systems may be employed by our technicians. Keyless entry locks are often offered with either mechanical digital door locks with mechanical keypads that do not require hard-wiring or batteries, or a electro-mechanical locks with an electronic digital keypad incorporated within the lock.

With the huge number of different lock types and levels of difficulty involved with installing keyless entry lock systems, we know that all the choices can make the normal homeowners head spin. This is where our home security experts can help. We can help you choose the right finger print door lock, digital lock, digital keypad, stand alone battery powered lock, or even a biometric lock for your residence. We will help you find the right mix of price and security for your residential key-less door lock system anywhere in Phoenix. As with all our other services, we come to you with all the parts and tools necessary for your job. Give us a call today to set up your appointment.